Before the farm days began I designed wedding gowns for about 8 years. I created the company Chaviano Couture ( Chaviano is my maiden name) and through those years designed gowns for brides from all over the world. It was such fun and a way to express my love for design and all things lace and shiny. When we moved out of the city to our country property I felt God tugging at my heart strings and saying it was time to do something different. I have slowly taken on less brides and done less the past year and a half. 2018 will be the last year I officially take new brides.  For those of you who supported Chaviano Couture through the years I am nothing but grateful. I have been so blessed to meet some amazing people in the industry and  make lifelong friends. I will always have a passion for design and who knows where God will lead someday, but for now my focus is my family and furry farm friends. To see some of the things I did with Chaviano Couture through the years just search Chaviano Couture or the HASHTAG #chavianocouture & #chavianocouturebride . Below I've also put some images of favorite moments and brides! You can always reach me through my @azurefarm instagram and I'm always happy to chat wedding gowns and all things pretty :) Love, Annette 

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