Baby Girl Ava Rose

We’ve been keeping a little secret!! Ava Rose is due in May! We are so very excited and grateful for the opportunity to be parents of a human baby:) After almost 13 years of marriage and lots of trips, animals, and life experiences, we are looking forward to this next step in our lives.

We did a gender reveal with just our immediate families back in November and I am so glad we had my friend Leah there to capture those moments on camera. Buddy and Chilli also took part in the fun!

I am also so grateful to my amazing brother in law who did this video for us! Thank you so much Brendan!

Thurmon Gender Reveal_1.jpg
Thurmon Gender Reveal_2.jpg
Thurmon Gender Reveal_3.jpg
Thurmon Gender Reveal_12.jpg
Thurmon Gender Reveal_9.jpg
Gender Reveal 2.jpg
Thurmon Gender Reveal_23.jpg
GEnder Reveal .jpg
Thurmon Gender Reveal_4.jpg
Thurmon Gender Reveal_5jpg
Thurmon Gender Reveal_73.jpg
Thurmon Gender Reveal_61.jpg
Thurmon Gender Reveal_49.jpg
Thurmon Gender Reveal_60.jpg

Photography: Wine and Roses