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Hello Friends! You all have been so kind regarding our home after I did a little house tour last week! There were quite a few similar questions regarding our decor and things so I thought I’d do a little blog post with information and links so you can find some of these things yourself! Below are the most asked questions I got! I hope this is helpful to you! Feel free to comment or message me with any other thoughts!!! 

Door Handles

One of the most asked questions was regarding our door handles. I looked high and low for the perfect brushed brass handle. I am obsessed with gold hardware and most of our home has it ! 

I finally found an amazing company in London who I purchased all our door handles from. 

Handles 4 U from the UK -

I not only got their handles but also locks and door plates. They definitely add character to any door. I loved the square nature of them and they are very heavy and well made. Do note that is’t best if you order them for doors that do not have pre-drilled holes as this will show. You have to have smaller holes drilled by someone who is a locksmith and knows how to install door handles. 


Engaged/Vacant Lock

In our 1/2 bath I also added a lock element I found from a different London based company. It is a wonderful lock that moves when used and let’s others know whether the bathroom is engaged or vacant. I think touches like this can really make a door. 

1/2 Bath Door Lock - Willow and Stone Company- UK -


Front Door Hardware

I also received questions regarding out front door lock. This piece I really loved because with a dutch door I wanted to have different elements to the lock. I ended up doing not only the door handle and lock for the dutch door but also a separate lock to keep the dutch door attached or alllow us to open it. has some great hardware and this specific one I got through them. The company is

Nostalgic Warehouse and our knobs are under the craftsman section.

See Link:


Interior Paint Colors

Many asked what color paint we used throughout the home. This was a tough one at first as I had NO clue what I wanted. I did however always gravitate towards a clean white throughout. I love Studio McGee and I looked through many of their images for paint inspiration. I finally decided on the paint colors they use most in their homes. 


Walls- Benjamin Moore Simply White in flat 


Trim + Doors- Benjamin Moore Chantilly lace in eggshell. 


These colors have been WONDERFUL!  The wall color is the perfect white. Not too stark or sterile and not too warm. Looks good in all lighting and never looks yellow or cream. The trim color is a tad brighter and crisp and really brings out a beautiful contrast between the trim and the walls. I would most definitely recommend these colors and use them again in future projects! 

Black Door Color

Our 1/2 bath has a beautiful black door which the brass hardware compliments very well.

Sherwin Williams - Black Magic

Is in my opinion one of the best black colors out there. It has a hint of navy so it’s not too stark but it’s rich at the same time. I just love it so much! 


Brick Wall

I have always just loved brick walls. They add so much character and dimension. When we built our home we didn’t have the funds to do too many projects so I have just little by little added things to give character. Faux brick was a super easy way to do so!

Koni Brick Flats -

These are the ones I used. I love white and wanted to continue that theme and not do traditional red brick. These are thin brick veneers that you can easily just stick up on the wall. They are a tad pricy but they work well and look very real. Because they are of a rock like material they can definitely break at times in shipping. I still used every piece. The broken pieces can be put together when you’re attaching them to the wall and you can’t even tell. There’s probably a few more areas I’d like to add brick to but have just not been able to. If you’re looking at making a statement on just one wall I would say definitely go with this! 


Concrete Floors- 


Our home is one story so no basement or upstairs. To do hardwood floors throughout would have been very expensive so we looked at other options and concrete was the best decision. We needed to have a slab anyway to build the house on, so we just let our builders know the concrete would be our final floor! 

You must do this or they will write all over it and not take “ care” of it through the building process. Instead of the more traditional finish we asked them to polish it and seal it so it would prevent future stains etc. I will say however that our slab was poured when it was VERY cold. about 28 degrees and when they did the sealing it kind of didn’t spread as easily because of the weather. 

This made splotches everywhere and it did not look great. Plus the gray color looked very garage or basement like. So once it was finished we decided to buff away the sealant they had used and then stain the floors. The stain seeps into the top layer of the concrete and can be any color you want! 

We went with a dark gray and it has been great! The floors still have imperfections and irregularities but these add to the character and we love them! 

We were able to do heated floors only in our master bath and closet. What a great thing this is! They can definitely be cold in winter, but I just wear house slippers and they keep my feet warm. It does take a bit to get used to how hard the floors are but unless you literally stand all day it should be alright!! 



I searched high and low for lighting and picked every fixture for our home. Overstock and Wayfair are EXCELLENT sources for lights! Their customer service is also great! 

Below is the link for the chandelier below


Kitchen Hardware- 

This is another thing I looked high and low for. I wanted statement pieces for the drawers and a handle that was quite long and not just 2-3 inches. I saw a remodel that Studio McGee did where they used schoolhouse electric  hardware and I was in love! 

It is definitely on the pricy side and this is one of the biggest investments I made but I love them and they really mix that modern with traditional for me. I used the 11” Edgecliff pull

Link Below:


Okay that’s all friends!! Thank you! I hope those links and information were helpful! Comment if you have questions or message me on instagram!!



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