Hey! My name is Percy and I was born on May 8th 2018. My mom is Felicity and my sister is Alpakita! I am the newest baby on the farm. I love to run around and chase the ducks and chickens. My mom's milk is the best and I am so happy to live here! Everyone says I was a big boy when I was born. I had a rough delivery and human parents had to call the vet to help deliver me. I was 16lbs at birth which I guess is big:) Read by birth story on the blog! CLICK HERE



Hi I'm Pearl! I was born August16, 2017. I was born about a month early. I was only 7.5lbs when I was born and the vet was worried bout me. My human mom bottle fed me every 2-3 hours for a whole week till my mom could feed me. I am now doing great! I love running around, nibbling on grass and hanging out with my adopted sister Alpakita. My human parents love me very much. CLICK HERE to read by birth story!

Queen Elizabeth.jpg

Queen Elizabeth

Hi Im QE, that's short for Queen Elizabeth! I am a bit shy and skittish at times, but I love eating food out of your hand. I am 4 years old and my birthday is in April. I consider myself to be royalty cause let's me honest I was names after a Queen. I am expecting baby with my boyfriend Maximus late summer 2018. I am Pearl's mommy and she is the best little girl. I am ivory in color except for 1 brown spot on my neck.

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Hello! I am Alpakita! I was born in April 2017. My mom's name is Felicity. I am very shy and timid, but I am starting to be more friendly and calm around humans. I just started eating out of my owners hand and love to follow her around! I am SO happy Pearl is part of the family now because I have someone my age to play with. I love hanging out with my mom and running around the field with Pearl. I also LOVE laying in front of a fan when it's hot.



Hello, my name is Felicity! I am 8 years old. I'm Alpakita's mom. I am the leader of the group. I love to keep everyone in line. If I don't like one of my family members I will spit at them to let them know. I however never spit at humans. I absolutely LOVE food! If you have some in your hand I will find it! I love my daughter Alpakita very much and being her momma. My hair is considered to be of a fawn color. I am currently pregnant ! My favorite thing is to be sprayed with the water hose on a hot day. It feels amazing! I also love Rocky and I consider him my boyfriend.



Hey Guys, I am CHilli! I joined the farm family in February of 2018. I am just over a year old. I am the leader of the boy group. I like to chase Buddy, love apples, and definitely enjoy lots and lots of hay. I am super sweet and am so happy to live where I do now.

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Hello, my name is Maximus. Some call me Max for short. I am almost 3 years old. My owner bought me and the girls in my group back in April. Since living in this new place I have enjoyed eating and running around the fields. I love to be sprayed down with water and rubbing my face in dirt. I don't mind being dirty, it makes me happy. My owner loves it when I'm clean, I however rather not be. Since I am a boy sometimes I have been separated from the girls so I don't bother them. I am gentle and love to eat grain. QE is my new favorite girl and I hope we have a baby together in 2018!



Buddy became a part of the family in December of 2017. He was born in August 2017 and is the most precious and sweet little Buddy. Yes, he is wearing a bow in the picture, that's because he looks just SO cute with it on. He was lonely by himself so we got Chilli to be his friend in February and they have been inseparable ever since. They love laying in the sunshine, carrots treats, and chasing each other constantly.



Hello, my hame is Havana. I was born on July 21, 2010.I was found by my mom's sister-in-law at an abandoned car lot. She brought my brother and I back to my human mom in a little box. I was about 4 weeks old. My mom says it was love at first sight. She kept us both and we have been her favorite children since then. I love to sleep and eat. I also love to chase things and run around. I don't love to be held but at night I love to sleep on top of mom and sometimes even wake her up in the very early morning when I am hungry. I hate thunderstorms but love sunshine!

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The Ducklings

In March of 2018 three Ducklings joined the Azure Farm family . Ginger, Olive, & Maple have added quite the fun to the mix. With their loud noises, love of peas, and must have sink baths they add quite the fun to the farm.



Hello, I'm Domingo. I tend to be the least loved in the group. Maybe it's because I spit a lot. I can't help it, I am hungry! I came with Rocky to the farm back in November of 2017. I am not a fan of the donkeys but I am learning to tolerate them. They are just so jumpy and annoying. If you hang around me enough however you'll see that I am quite loving in my own way and cute with my teeth sticking out.

The Ladies.jpg

The Ladies

Hello, we are the girls! There are 17 us us! We are a mixture of all different kinds of chicken. We were born in July of 2017. We now live in our outdoor coop and absolutely love running around. On our top list of treats are blueberries and strawberries. We chirp constantly and are growing super quickly. Our owner hopes we will be laying eggs soon so she can see put them in cute cartons with the azure farm logo on them and sell them.



Hello, I'm Rambo! I am Havana's brother. Everyone that see's me says I am a really big cat! I just think I'm big boned. I have huge paws and some say I might be part Mancoon. I love to be held by my mom like a baby. I love food and chasing bugs. I also love my sister very much. I am shy around people at times but once I get to know you I'll be your best friend! I like to lay on my back in the sunlight. My least favorite things are loud noises and vacuums.



Hello! I'm Rocky! I arrived to the farm in November. I was born in Michigan and the winter in Ga is nothing compared to where I'm from! I am gentle and quiet. I like to consider myself as the knight and shinning armor for Felicity. We have gotten to know each other and she is just so beautiful! I like to give a Maximus a run for his money with my awesome highlights. I know his hair tends to be considered the best , but look at my hair color. Amazing!