Garden Twinkle Lights


We have had our garden for 2 years and we finally decided we wanted to ad some twinkle lights to the area. We felt this would make it not just a garden but also a gathering place. Somewhere we could do dinners and enjoy the garden even when the sun went down.

So we got twinkle lights and strung them around the outskirts of the garden and all of a sudden we are just loving the garden even more! Below is a short description of how to and the lights we got.

We first were going to use wooden posts but then decided metal pipes would do the trick and work just as well. so we decided on the materials below.


1.) Pipes- 10 foot 1/2 inch threaded metal pipes from Home Depot which we then spray painted matte black.

2.) Screw on t splitters to run the wire through the top of the pipes and corner connectors screwed on to run the wire around the corners.

3.) We decided to buy heavy duty wire to first string up and then hang the lights on that. This gave the everything more support.

This is the wire we bought on AMAZON- CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 10.24.17 PM.png

5. Metal wire clamp to secure the wire.


We bought these lights before for our patio and we love them. They are LED and have the filament type bulb which I prefer to regular string lights. They also have bulbs which are close together so the lights look more full vs some that are more spread apart. They are sold in different lengths.

10 FT, 25 FT , 50 FT, 100FT

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 10.34.22 PM.png


1.) Jared used a drill bit and concrete mixer to dig into the ground. Then took a stake and used a sledge hammer to get the stake about 2 feet into the ground. Then you can place your pipe into the ground. The key is to get it about a foot or more into the ground so it is sturdy and level.

2.) Attach the t-splitters and corner connectors. Measure out wire and run all around the perimeter for where you want your lights.

3.) Run your wire through the tops of the pipes and secure. We did this fairly tight because although we wanted the lights to sag a tiny bit we didn’t want them to be super loose so we did the wire tight knowing it would loosen some after a few days.

4. ) Attach lights to the metal wire!

5.) Lastly we connected the lights to a clicker so we could turn them on and off easily .CLICK HERE, it’s only $!4!


Hope this was helpful and inspires you to add some twinkle lights to your outdoor space no matter the size!

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