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The recipe below was created to see if we could have a concoction that allowed for maximum germination of seedlings. So typically when you plant say 10 seeds in some potting soil, you may only see 7 plants pop up. But there are ways to increase that ‘germination rate’. One of those is amending the soil. About 10 years ago, I decided to eat a diet of mostly plants because I saw that the strongest animals have diets of mostly plants, that the longest living Americans have a diet of mostly plants and that eating lots of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts etc results in a healthy gut bacteria and finally and most importantly - healthy blood. What we eat turns into blood which gives us life. We are now seeing that what we eat effects our mind and outlook. 

Why do I bore you with all of those details? :) Because with healthy blood, we can be more likely to be free from sickness and disease. You’ve heard the expression ‘catching a cold’ - well plants also can ‘catch’ diseases and be overcome by a ‘bug’ that eats its leaves and consumes our dinner. We don’t want that. 

So what I learned along the journey was if we want the body to be healthy, we give it the best most nourishing food. If we want our garden to be healthy, we give the soil the best most nourishing food. Think of the soil as your garden’s ‘blood supply’. If it is healthy, all will be well. 

The key is to keep giving back to the soil so that it will keep giving back to you. 

Some of you may be growing in a pot or two. Others may have a whole garden. Either way it is all the same, give back and the soil will give back to you. I believe what we learn in the garden is the great principle of life ‘don’t be selfish’. If we build up the soil and keep nourishing it, we will get a huge blessing far greater in return. 

Ok so this recipe we mentioned in the podcast that was tested and retested at various labs and was found to have a very high ‘brix’ ratio. What that means is basically all the ingredients worked optimally together and the soil was amazing. This equates into higher germination and lower pest problems and higher disease resistance.

I ended up giving this recipe to many schools around the world where they teach kids how to grow their own food especially some where the students rely on the sale of produce to pay for school. I continue to be excited about the testimonies I see of results with this recipe. 

I will say they aren’t the easiest ingredients to find but as many as you can find makes all the difference. If you have a larger garden or farm then you can likely get most of these at farm supply store and a few shipped in. 

We have added these to our garden beds and the best part - the produce grown in soil with amendments like these is delicious. Tomatoes taste like they’ve already been salted :) 

Here it is: 

6 Qt. Peat Moss 

18 Qt. Worm Compost

1/2  Qt. Gypsum

1/4 Qt. Molasses

2 Qt. Alfalfa

1/4 Qt. Kelp

1 TBSP. SEA-90

1/2  Qt. BioChar

Let me try to explain it in easier terms: 

Peat Moss is ground up trees, you can buy it at most Home Depots. It helps hold water and makes up the bulk of your soil mixture. We first used this using worm manure basically but now we are using our alpaca and donkey manure. They say worm compost has some benefits but its a little pricey. The key is to use a manure that isn’t from animals that are being given antibiotics or hormones. The gypsum is easy to find. Molasses and Alfalfa can be found at an animal feed store. The bio char is basically ashes from a fire to keep it simple. The Kelp is actually from the ocean, you can find this online and it provides all the nutrients from the ocean, pretty much all that we need to be healthy. The SEA-90 is something you need to be VERY careful with. This is basically sea salt. What you want to do is put a tablespoon of this into a 5-gallon bucket and fill it with water. Then water your plants with this mixture maybe 2-3 times during the growth of the plant and only when it is in the garden or pot, not for seedlings. To be honest, I know this is a key component but I have messed up and even ruined some plots in my garden in the past because of adding too much ’salt’ into the soil. So you may want to have a plant or two in pots that you experiment with this. 

This is enough to fill a small wheelbarrow or a few 5 gallon buckets just to give you an idea of how much soil you will have. You can use this to start your seeds in little seed trays or add some under each plant that you put into the ground. Think of it like superfood for your seeds and plants. I would guess that you might spend $100-$200 if you were to buy everything but that would be enough to make ALOT of this mixture. Probably enough to last you for a while or for a very large garden. When I make it lately, I just sprinkle it down the rows in our garden that we want to plant in or add some into each hole I dig. 

Thank you so much for your passion to grow :) I’d love to hear you

Happy Planting, Jared

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