Barn Transformation

Barn Transformation

Hey Friends!!

When we moved to our property the red barn was already there! We were so grateful to have a barn we could use and keep animals in. We build out home and the only location for it was basically right in from of the barn. This kind of makes both building be very close to each other. Don’t get me wrong, i love a red barn, but this one in particular did not have a ton of character so we decided to paint it!!

It’s now white and matches out house and i LOVE it!! It’s so pretty!! Below are a few pointers of the process and what we did! Hope it helps!!

Step 1- Color

Decide on color! We wanted to match our home color which is Sherwin Williams Pure White. It’s quite white but does have a hint of cream so it’s a more warm white than cool white if that makes sense.


Step 2- Paint

We actually used a primer called Bulls Eye 123. It was recommended by our friend who helped us paint the barn. It sticks SO well. Does not scratch or mold etc. It goes on super smooth and has great coverage. Our barn was bright red and I was concerned about it being white and not pink, ha! but this worked like a charm. I do feel it’s best to use it on metal and not wood, but we did paint our chicken coop with it and it worked well there too. See the manufacturer description below.

This premium, whole-house primer-sealer provides outstanding results, with low odor, as well as great flow and leveling. Water-based, acrylic primer delivers flexible use to stick to all surfaces without sanding whether you're working indoors or outdoors. The durable formula resists mold and mildew and inhibits rust for results that last. Quick-drying design dries in just one hour to apply additional layers with a minimal wait time.

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer, 1 Each (Quantity) 

  • Multi-surface design sticks to all surfaces without sanding

  • Acrylic formula offers great flow and leveling for consistent application

  • Durable formula resists mold/mildew and inhibits rust for lasting results

  • Quick-drying to let you quickly apply additional layers

  • Perfect for glossy surfaces, chalky siding, metal and more

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 11.13.22 PM.png

Here’s the tricky part. It IS tintable which means you can match it to the color you like. HOWEVER!!! They don’t have this labeled as “paint” so when you have them add color to it they get all confused. This is what you must do.

  1. Have them in their system pretend this primer is just a standard gallon of paint. Could be any brand.

  2. Then ( this part is VERY IMPORTANT) have them match the color you want by only 50% to start. This is because the primer grabs onto paint quite well. If you match the color 100% it might be too strong. I would reccoment you take a swatch of the color you want, have them match this primer by 50% and have them actually glob the color onto something and let it dry so you can compare. If the color is still to light have them do 75% of the formula and so on until you decide it’s the color you want.

  3. Coats- we did 3 coats on the front and 2 coats everywhere else. It definitely requires more than 1 coat for full coverage. Only do a thin but even layer at a time. It does tend to drip it you lay it on too thick so just do it evenly.

  4. Amount of paint. Our barn is approximately 40x50 and we used about 9 gallons total to paint it. 3 Coats on the front and 2 everywhere else!

  5. It dries quick, within 1 hour. So I suggest starting where the sun is not hitting it directly so it doesn’t dry super fast as you paint.

Step 3- Application

Before painting you must pressure wash. We pressure washed about a day before we knew we were painting so the barn was as clean as possible!

Our friend used a paint sprayer. He used an older one which is now discontinued. The one linked below is similar to the one he used. CLICK HERE I think this ensures the best and most even application.

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 9.53.22 PM.png

Step 4 Cost- Estimated cost if buying all the supplies.

Paint- Around $200

Paint Sprayer $450

Labor 8 hours.

CONCLUSION: We LOVE IT!! We still have to add lights and some accents but overall we are very happy! We’ll add some greenery and such to also break up all the white, but it looks like a brand new building now! Let me know if you have questions!!

a few winters ago before we had the retaining wall, greenhouse, and before it was white!!

a few winters ago before we had the retaining wall, greenhouse, and before it was white!!

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