Zinnia Floral headband DIY


Our garden is booming with flowers and I thought this would be a fun and easy summer tutorial to share with you all! It’s a perfect activity to do with the kids, family, and friends!! Just follow the easy steps below!


STEP 1- Gather flowers. You will need approximately 15 to make a 1/2 crown or headband. If making a whole crown double the amount of flowers.


STEP 2- Cut flowers to an even length. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but a leave a fairly long length two work with. Remove all leaves form the stems.


STEP 3- begin with 2 flowers and cross them as shown in the picture above.


Step 4- Wrap the stem on top under the other stem.


Step 5- Bring the stem back around and in front of the other. Basically bending it to the right. It will then hold the flower in place. Slide it close to the first flower. Then start again


Repeat steps 2-5 until you have reached the desired length.


Once you’ve reached the desired length tie ribbon to both ends. Tie at the base of head if doing a headband ( as pictured) or tie into a circle and place crown on head!


Now proceed to do house chores , cook dinner, feed the animals with it on. That what I did. Trust me, you’ll feel way more glamorous :)

Hope you have enjoyed this DIY! Let me know if you make a floral crown! Tag me @azurefarm

xoxo: Annette

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