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Hey Friends!!

Ok, 3 months into having a baby and I thought it was time to put together a list of my must have and most used items! When it came to making a registry it was hard to know what I needed. I hope this gives you an idea of items that might be best!!

I’ll write the name of the item, a link to it, and why I love it! Items listed in no specific order! None of these items are sponsorships, just items I truly do like! I am by NO means an expert, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I do use these items so maybe you’ll like them too!!


1.) Nose Frida-CLICK HERE Let me be the first to say I swore I would never use one of these! Well guess what? I was using it within the first week. It’s a super easy way to clean their noses safely and effectively. Trust me on this one.


Ava was born right before summer started so the heat has been an issue. I absolutely LOVE this fan! It’s $20. You can recharge it which is the best feature! i also love how the legs are flexible and you can attach it to anything! I use it on AVa’s car seat and stroller a lot. It’s an easy way to ensure she doesn’t get too hot.

3.Favorite Burp Cloths - CLICK HERE

These 100% cotton cloths are SO soft and absorbent. They are the perfect burp cloths to have around. I also love their size and shape.

4.Car Seat and Nursing Cover -CLICK HERE

I love this so much! It’s great to cover your car seat and make it a safe and cozy cocoon for your baby. Especially the first few weeks where everyone want to peek and touch baby, this allows baby to be cozy and it’s less likely for people to stick their hands in and touch baby. If yo choose to nurse you can also use it as a nursing cover. As a nursing cover it can definitely get warm when you put it on, but it gets the job done if you need to cover up.

5. Ollie Swaddle- CLICK HERE

This is hands down one of the best items to purchase! It makes swaddling SO much easier. I did not have patience to do it with a blanket. I would never get it tight enough and she would undo it all the time. The ollie is made of a soft but sturdy material. The velcro on it is SO strong and it keeps the baby perfectly swaddled and happy. I would say you need 2 so when one gets dirty you still have a backup for that evening. They come in different colors and I just can’t say enough good things. LOVE it!

6. Kavu Rope Bag- CLICK HERE

I love this backpack. It’s simple and I use it all the time instead of a large bulky diaper bag or backpack. This might not be your bag to use always but sometimes when you want to go somewhere and not have to carry a ton of stuff this works perfect. It’s got 2 large pockets with enough space for a few diapers, burp cloth, wipes, extra outfit, and even a bottle. I would reccomend a backpack style no matter what you choose as a diaper bag. You will want both hands free! Trust me!

7. White onesie - CLICK HERE

Trust me on this one. You will not have time or energy to dress up your baby the first month. Ava lived in a white onesie or white shirt and diapers the first month or so. Get long sleeved onesies for each size they’ll be. They are easy to wash and clean. Also, don’t get something that has more than 3 snaps. When you change diapers in the middle of the night you DO not want more than 3 snaps to snap

8. Ergo 360 carrier-CLICK HERE
There are so many carriers out there! And I will admit I have not tried them all. I do however love my Ergo 360. It’s pretty light weight, and it feels secure. I used a sling type kind and they just did not feel secure. The ergo has a great waist band where it give you good back support which is so important. It also has some mesh parts which make it more breathable. It’s simple and easy enough to use.

9. Papablic Baby bottle sterilizer - CLICK HERE

This was recommended to me by a friend and I have definitely loved it so far. It’s an easy to use sterilizer. Some people just put stuff in the dishwasher, but we use our dishwasher constantly and I didn’t want to have to clean it out to be able to use it for bottles etc. So this is like my own separate sterilizer for baby stuff. You can put breast pump parts in it, bottles, pacifiers, you name it. It DOES Not wash the items however. Meaning I run everything under water and give things a scrub before I put in the sterilizer, but I still do like it. Works quick and even dries your items. I have nothing to compare to since I’ve only used this one, but I do like it!

10. Wubba Nub pacifier -CLICK HERE

I have tried aLL sorts of pacifiers and she does not like ANY! However, she will take this and only this one. All others she does not appreciate. I love how this one has a cute little animal lovey attached to is. She does end up liking to kind of hold it and I think its comforting. Of course I got the one that’s an alpaca looking one, but theres so many. Even a chicken one!! Highly reccomend.

11.) Boon Soak 3 stage tub - CLICK HERE

A simple tub is all you need! I like how this one has a seat that adjusts depending on their age. The gray color also changes to indicate when the water is the right temperature. It fits great in my sink and I have no complaints so easy peasy.

12. Diaper Changing Clutch- CLiCK HERE

I love this because if you really want to be minimal and just carry one thing in this lets you carry about 2 diapers a few wipes and opens up to a changing station. They have cute patters and it can fit your phone too. It’s pretty stylish too!

13.) Spearmint baby swaddles- CLICK HERE

I use these as blankets and to wrap Ava when she’s just being carried, or tucked into her car seat etc. There are a million different kinds of swaddles out there but these are hands down my favorite! Their bamboo ones feel SO amazing! As do their cotton muslin ones. Their patterns are also just the cutest! You don’t need many blankets but if you get any, these are a must.

14.) Organic cotton mittens- CLICK HERE

These were the only mittens that stayed on Ava’s hands. The rest did not have a good enough elastic and would come right off. `

15. Dr. Browns Bottle Warmer- CLICK HERE

I have only used this a little bit, but it does however warm the bottles up nicely. Im just heating the bottles to room temp so I found what temperature works best and voila. I personally warm in glass bottles then feed with either glass or bpa free plastic, but you can warm plastic bottles in it no problem.

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1. Ubbi portable diaper station- CLICK HERE

I love this! I have 3 of them!! I actually keep one in each of our cars and then one in the house. It’s super sturdy and easy to carry. You can keep diapers and wipes in an organized manner. Easy to clean if it gets dirty too. Just an all around great thing to have! They come in a few colors. I have the gray and pink versions. I personally believe you don’t need the separate baby wipe attachment that you can resister for as well. I just put the wipe packet in the wipe spot and good to go.

2. Ubbi Steel diaper pan-CLICK HERE

This is a MUST get! It really does keep odors at bay! They are discreet and kind of pretty and not too bulky. You can use any bag with it ( meaning not a specific brand or style like some other brands of diaper pan’s require) I does in so many colors! I have white. I actually have one in the nursery and one in our room. Love it love it, you need one of them!

3. Changing table pad- CLICK HERE

I have never liked the idea of a changing pad that has cloth on it! Trust me, if they pee all over it, then you have to was a lot! I love this changing pad because you can just wipe it down! The shape is good, its soft enough and has a great shape!

4. Hatch night light - CLICK HERE

This is another MUST HAVE! Its the best night light and sound machine. Its a 2 in 1 special! you can also control it from your phone. Just has so many features. One thing I love is you just have to touch it to turn it on or off. That way when you’re holding a baby or juggling a lot you don’t have to search or a button etc. It has a soft light so you can turn it on in the middle of the night and it’s soft enough it won’t be strong on your eyes or startle baby. I could go on and on, but it really is a good product.

5. Camera and monitor- CLICK HERE

If you choose to have a camera type monitor this I feel is the best one. There are so many however and you have to find what works best for you. This one was the one wit the furthest range which I wanted in case Ava was napping and I went outside with the animals. It doesn’t go far far far, but it gets the job done. I also like that you can zoom in close as well. It will show a green light if there’s no sound from baby, if baby cries it shows a red light. That helps if I just have it nearby and have the sound off I can still know if she is crying. It’s the better one out there in my opinion.

6.Owlet Smart Sock- CLICK HERE

This is another form of monitor. I am a nurse so I’m probably a little overly cautious when it comes to monitoring. This is a little device you put on their foot overnight and it monitors oxygen and heart rate levels. It just keeps my mind at east knowing she is breathing safely. Ava has slept in her nursery since early on so this is just another way for me to monitor her.

7.Comfy chair- CLICK HERE

I looked all around for a chair. I felt this one was the best one. A good design. You can both recline all the way back and rock. Most don’t do both. A neutral color and design. Would look good with most style rooms. It also has a USB port built in. I just recommend it a LOT:)

8.Play Mat- CLICK HERE

In the baby world there are all sorts of play mats and activity mats, etc. They are all colorful and some even jarring to the eyes. So this is the one I like. It’s a farm veggie garden theme. I mean who doesn’t like that! Plus it has multiple activity options. Its a favorite for Ava over here.

9.) Moses Basket- CLICK HERE

One of the first things I ordered when I knew I was pregnant was a Moses basket from Plum and Sparrow. I just love how well made and sturdy they are. I used it when Ava slept next to my bed the first month. It’s also nice to take to someones home if baby has to nap and you don’t want to take a big pack and play type structure. I still use it for naps and Ava loves it.

10.) Moses Basket Stand - CLICK HERE

I found this stand on Amazon and it does the job nicely. Easy to assemble and sturdy, rocks well, etc.

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I hope all this information helps! I will continue to update links and products as I change my mind or add new items!! Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

Much Love,


p.s. All Images by the incredibly talented Corey Johnson Photography

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