4 Ingredients to Healthy Plants in your Garden

As you’re planning your garden, there are some key ingredients you want to consider. Just like baking some bread or a cake, without these you’re not going to find the success you’re looking for.

You will hear me say this over and over, but we can’t take from the garden without giving back. I would even go so far as to say we can’t take from the garden without giving ahead of time. Build up the bank account of the soil and it will pay you dividends for a long time. The goal is to get the microbial activity in the soil working so that your plants are absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients. When this happens they will have a healthier immune system and will more easily ward of disease, pests and will increase taste and yield.

Here are four things to remember:

Soil - Help your soil become healthy by adding compost and soil conditioners

Air - Make raised beds and don’t compact the soil to ensure for plenty of oxygen to get to the roots

Water - Water your plants deep so that the roots are reach-ing deep for water.  Don’t water too much or in the eve-nings when mold can grow.  Water in the mornings. 

Sunshine - Plant your plants where they can get plenty of sunlight for at least 6 or more hours each day.

Below is a downloadable file you can print and keep handy.